Kimini 2.2 - Other Builder Links


Some impressive cars that others have built:

V8-powered 914

Morris Minor/Fiat race car

Hybrid Minis

Bonneville Lakester A really cool site of a guy building a Bonneville racer in his garage much the same way I built Kimini. A great build diary and lots of pictures of his continuing construction.

Toyota 4AGE into a MG Midget
A cool site with lots of pictures. He also converted the suspension to push-rod in the front and IRS in the rear.

Mid-engine 4WD 700lb single-seater This thing will be a terror. He's planning on turbocharging it too. 700lbs + 300hp = Yikes! Oh, and now he's installing a 300hp Hayabusa-based V8...

Norton Shrike One man's journey into building his own 3-wheeler from scratch. Hat's off to him as he designed and built it over 20 years ago. There aren't too many builders who still drive their homebuilt after 20 years!

MeerKat MR-2 powered, mid-engine, Super-7-esque two seater.

If I had roughly ten times the budget, I'd have to build an Ultima. Here's a good builder's site.

Another large group of builders are working on versions of the Locost sports car. This is yet another Lotus Super-7 type car, redesigned recently by Ron Champion to use very common and low cost parts from British cars. This use of cheap parts produced a book with the (rather optimistic) title "Build your own Sports Car for as Little As 250 Pounds." While technically not a true scratch-built car, so many people throughout the world have modified them so much, that they're all but true custom cars. This is why I include it here because many of them may very well be one-offs. Here is the main site, dedicated not only to Locost builders, but all builders of one-off, home built cars. A very useful reference.

And the Yahoo Locost builders group: