Kimini 2.2 - Build Diaries


Here's some sayings that have kept me going through this long, and sometimes trying, project:
  • "How do you eat an elephant. One bite at a time."

  • "If you work on it even five minutes a day, it will get completed."

  • "Who am I kidding, it's a toy not an F1 car, get on with it."

  • "It doesn't need to be exact."

  • "Sometimes you just have to say the heck with it and get on with things."

  • "A project like this is far, far more psychological than I ever expected."

  • 2007, September-
    The Lotus meet in Colorado...
    2007, April-August
    Pictures from the Del Mar hot rod show, finishing the book, squeeling brakes, kit car show, we're grandparents!, Fallbrook car show, FSAE West, Mom's operation, the fishpond book.
    2006, Nov to 2007 March
    Finishing the trailer, Kimini's first track event at Streets of Willow Springs, more aero testing, fixing the brakes (again), second trackday at Laguna Seca Raceway, Supertrapp muffler bites the big one, broken superchager on the truck, working on the book, redoing the exhaust system on Kimini, paintball, open house at Symbolic Motorsports, Del Mar hot rod show.
    2006, July - Oct
    The book continues, rear toe-links, considering a two-pass radiator, initial aero-testing, my brother's Stalker kit, another photo shoot, Kimini article in two car magazines, the trailer build, more car shows, more wild animals, the fish pond, and the forum fiasco.
    2006, May - June
    Baby rabbits, my first ticket, magazine shoots, car shows, higher top speed, racing stripes, second and third autocross practice, broken garage springs, traffic school, book manuscript, FSAE, a marginal cooling system.
    2006, March - April
    Cracked windshield, clear rock-guard film, Accusump valve, ChaseCam, the first autocross(!), a cracked fender, and several car shows.
    2006, January - Febuary
    More driving impressions, various adjustments and fixes, hard brake line, lug nuts, inner fender wells, passenger seat and seat belt, sticky gas pedal, Accusump issues, settling suspension. lots of photos!
    2005, December
    Finish door windows, mount grills, door weatherstrip, rubber rock guards, fab and mount side and rear windows, air filter box, rear center brake light, tach/speedo calibration, more axle silliness, new front calipers, and first drives!
    2005, October - November
    Prepare nose for bodyshop, final installation when it returned, windshield install, side quarter windows, doors, nose and tail wiring...
    2005, August - September
    Radiator exit body work, install finished passenger compartment, prep engine cover for bodyshop, fit up doors, Dzus fastener install, and cutting out Lexan windows...
    2005, April - July
    Fix brake system, air filter box, bodywork, doors, endless sanding, Test Drive #3, wide-band oxygen sensor construction and testing, radiator ducting, ventilation duct...
    2005, Jan - March
    Suspension install, endless electrical work, fuel plumbing, coolant plumbing, odds and ends...
    2004, Oct - Dec
    Rear-view mirror install, fire extinguisher mount, ventilation fan mount, camera mount, wheel alignment mounts, front and rear electrical disconnects, brake light switch mount, turn signal switch mount, finishing the chassis, paint, and starting final assembly!
    2004, July - Sept
    Composite work on engine cover, make front grill, cutting open windows and headlights in shell, Accusump install, gas filler install, inner front bumper and radiator ducting, brake ducting, shell mounts, redoing two cage tubes...
    2004, January - June
    Axle silliness, diffuser design and fab, front windshield bulkhead, attaching the front-end, front fender bulkheads, doors, main roll-hoop bulkheads, bulkhead window, vents, and engine cover.
    2003, July - December
    Setting rear toe-links, header design and fabrication, clutch system, fuel system, test drives(!), door bars, the carbon shell, and the rear suspension fiasco.
    2003, January - June
    Seat belt mounts, instrument panel, our dog hurts himself badly, engine computer, wiring harness, battery, and brake system.
    1996 - 2003
    Background on the initial design, fabricating the wooden mock-up through completing the basic frame. Some early photos were scanned so please forgive the image quality.

    This is for miscellaneous ramblings about a potential future car project.

    2005, August -
    Defining the requirements.